Aristo Takes The Biscuit…Or Tries

It never fails to amaze me how stupid developers think their customers are. You only have to mention a problem with a developer to commence a conversation which could last for hours as your interlocutors trump each other with tales of woe. Most tales are recounted with a wry smile and a shrug as if we should expect this. After all, a little hardship for a place in paradise is a small price to pay. But pay we do. And not a few characters are laughing up their sleeves (on the way to the bank, of course).

Hands up those among you who haven’t got their title deeds yet? Some have waited nearly twenty years while ‘their’ property is still mortgaged by the developer. That can lead to a feeling of insecurity and with justice. How about the guy who bought two semis, sold one and discovered that he had sold both because they were the same entity? What the hell are lawyers there for? It would be nice to think not just to keep kafeneions afloat. And on and on.

Two recent tales came to me involving Aristo Developers who, given the business name, must be the best at something. A well known writer was shopping for tiles in Paphos and happened to be in the queue behind a starry eyed english couple who had obviously been selecting the flooring for their particular bit of paradise. They were accompanied by functionaries of the aforementioned company, no doubt there to ease the purchase process somehow. Deal struck, the couple left and the other pair lingered with the sales assistant. In greek they made sure that the couple would receive a proportion of seconds and that the functionaries would recieve their substantial percentage. The real deal struck, they turned smiling from the counter to face the glare of the famous writer. Their hesitantly cheery english ‘Good Morning’ was met with a frosty ‘It would certainly appear so for some!’ In greek. Abashed, they fled.

This one’s a jaw dropper. Old lady gets a quote from Aristo to fit some extra electricity sockets in her newly built villa near Polis Chrysochous. She was told when querying the price that additional cost was incurred because plans would have to be changed. Fortunately, she found an electrician privately who charged £250 for double surface-mounted fittings (Aristo was going to fit singles). And Aristo’s price? £890!!! For a 3hr job with materials not exceeding £40!



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4 responses to “Aristo Takes The Biscuit…Or Tries

  1. Electricity sockets. I changed my previous ‘plugholes’ for better comprehension. Merci bien.

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