Barbarian Times

I remember reading the sub-definition of ‘barbarian’ once which gave the meaning as ‘one ignorant of greek.’ When I saw the headline ‘Barbaric Massacre of rare fruit bats’ in this morning’s Cyprus Mail in which the reporter wrote of a population of bats being reduced from 60 to 10 by gunmen practising their aim I was struck by the irony. I was also fuming mad and would probably be under arrest if I had encountered any of said gunmen.

I felt the same earlier in the week when a friend’s cat was killed in a drive-by shooting. What the hell is wrong with these people? How do they think their behaviour can be tolerated? What has screwed them up so? Why do I think of smiling elders shaking their heads and tutting?

Rare hawks, now rare bats. It comes as no surprise then that cited on the same page is the result of a UNDP Human Development Report stating that ‘if everyone in the world was Cypriot, carbon dioxide levels would exceed sustainable ‘carbon budget’ levels by 313%.’

Lets just go out and screw the world one way or another! Barbarian times indeed.


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